Flashback Friday: My Lottery Dream Home (2015-Present)

Winning the lottery can be described as wishful thinking. We often say “I will do x when I win the lottery or I will buy y when I win the lottery”. But for a lucky few that do win a significant amount of money, it can be life changing.

My Lottery Dream Home has aired on HGTV since 2015. The premise of the show is that the home buyers have won a significant amount of money playing the lottery. With their winnings, they are looking to purchase a new home. Host David Bromstad takes the home buyers to three potential new homes. At the end of each episode, a decision is made as to which house they will buy.

Watching this show is akin to wishful thinking becoming a reality. It’s as if the viewer is living vicariously through that episode’s subjects. What makes this show so curious and compelling is the question as to which home the buyers will choose.

I recommend it.

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