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What is David Perdue Afraid Of?

Anyone with the most basic knowledge of how democracy works knows that a debate between the candidates is an important part of the election process.

For some reason, Georgia Senator David Perdue decided to skip the debate against opponent Jon Ossoff on Sunday.

The obvious question that I see is to ask what Senator Perdue is afraid of? Is he apprehensive about answering questions about the accused stock trade he made earlier this year, just as Covid-19 hit the country? Or is there something else he wants to hide from the voters of Georgia?

Just as an FYI for those who do not read my blog regularly, I live in New York. I cannot vote in this particular Senate race. That being said, his choice of being somewhere else on Sunday brings up questions that cannot be ignored.

Sometimes, we learn everything we need to know about a person or topic by silence. This is one of those times. The fact that Senator Perdue was conspicuously absent speaks volumes.

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