Defending The City Of God Book Review

I think its safe to say that Jerusalem has been a city that has been fought over  for thousands of years.

Sharan Newman’s new book, Defending The City Of God: A Medieval Queen, The First Crusades And the Quest For Peace In Jerusalem is the story of a forgotten queen of Jerusalem. Melisende was the first born daughter of Baldwin II, who ruled over Jerusalem during the first crusades.  The story of her life and her ruling was forgotten, replaced the stories of her husband and sons. It is said that history is written by the victors, women stories from this era are likely to be forgotten.

I liked this book. I expected it to be a novel, but it is non fiction book written with a fiction like narrative. Ms. Newman went to great lengths to bring back Melisende and the world that she knew back to life.

I recommend this book.

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