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Belarus Protests: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Democracy is the kind of government that does not exist for generations or centuries without work. Time and again, history has shown us how easy it is for a country with a democratic government to secede into authoritarianism.

In Belarus, there is growing discontent with the current government. Current President Alexander Lukashenko claims that he won the most recent election fair and square, but many believe that it was rigged in his favor. Ignoring warning of violence from the army and the police, citizens have taken to the streets to protest the results of said election.

This is what democracy looks like. The average Jane or Joe gathering in large numbers to speak out against a government whom they no longer believe in.

These days, it is easy to become cynical. The negative headlines coming from the various news outlets seem to outnumber the positive ones. But there is still a glimmer of hope, represented by the people of Belarus coming together and demanding a legitimate democracy.

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How Democracies Die Book Review

A thriving democracy is like a relationship. It requires nurturing, compromise and commitment if it is to last.

History has proven again and again that unless the average citizen is willing to step up to maintain the democracy, it is likely to transform into an autocratic or an authoritarian government.

In the 2018 book, How Democracies Die,  authors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt use both historical examples and examples from modern politics to illustrate how very fragile democracy truly is.

It is often said that history is doomed to repeat itself, unless human beings find a way to learn from the mistakes of their forebears. Written in layman’s terms, the authors use well researched facts and  data from past democracies and our own American democracy to lay out in black and white terms how important it is to work to keep a democracy going.

I recommend it.

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