Inheriting The City Book Review

New York City has everyone from everywhere.  You can walk down the street, hear multiple languages and eat in restaurants of many different nationalities.

Inheriting The City: The Children Of Immigrants Come Of Age casts a very interesting light on the children of the most recent immigrants to make the Big Apple their home.  The subjects come from four very different ethnic groups: Chinese, Russian Jews, African-Americans who come from the West Indies and the Caribbean, and several subgroups within the Hispanic community (Puerto Rican, Dominican, etc).

It is a very academic book. Not completely dry, but not meant for a light beach read either.

Did I enjoy it? In a way I did. I come from immigrants, but my family has been in this country since the early 20th century. It was interesting to see the different views and lifestyles of these first generation Americans.

Do I recommend it? Sure, but only in an academic light.

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