RIP Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts passed away today.

A veteran performer of the stage and screen, both big and small, Ms. Roberts is known to audiences of a certain age as the loving but meddling, Mrs. Bennet like Marie Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond.

While most women of her generation are willing to sit back and let what is left of their life pass by, Marie Barone lived life to the fullest. She was feisty, loving, sharp-tongued and maybe a little too much of a helicopter parent to her grown sons. But audiences loved her and responded to her every woman character.

Another role that she is remembered for is Mrs. Kavarsky in Hester Street, a film that depicted immigrant life in New York in the early 20th century. Her role of Mrs. Kavarsky was that of a woman who threw off the trapping of the old world and remade herself in the image a modern women in the early 20th century United States.


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