Missing-Series 4 Spoiler READ AT YOUR OWN RISK

*-These characters belong with love and respect; belong to Julian Fellows, Carnival, etc. I am simply a humble admirer borrowing the characters.

*-The story contains a spoiler based for series 4, episode 1. Read at your own risk.


It all happened so fast. George’s birth and Matthew’s accident.

There were nearly a 100 bedrooms for Mary to choose from after Matthew died. But she chose to stay in the bedroom that she shared with him during their short marriage, to sleep in the bed where their son, their only child was created.

It took three months of coaxing from Anna and Cora to convince to Mary to allow the sheets to be washed.

Mary’s depression caused her parents to be concerned. She had never been melancholy sort, but loosing Matthew seemed to have broken her.

She might have not left her room, if it wasn’t for Georgie. George Matthew Crawley, Mary and Matthew’s son and heir to his grandfather’s title was the light of her life. Her grandmother kept insisting that Mary hire a nursemaid, but Mary declined. The only person to nurse her son was his mother.

Tonight was a party being thrown in her honor. Robert and Cora hoped that some new faces might bring a smile to their eldest daughter’s face.

When Sybil died, Mary missed her sister and sympathized with her husband. Tom had become part of the family and Sybee was adored by the adults around her. But until Matthew died, she did not understand the magnitude of such a loss, to parent your child without the one person who you loved above all others.

Tom had been her rock in past six months; she didn’t know what she would do without him.

“Are you ready?” Cora gently knocked before stepping into the room while Anna put the finishing touches on Mary’s hair.

“As I will ever be”.

“Will there be anything else, milady” Anna asked.

“No, Anna, that will be all, thank you” with a final curtsy, Anna left the room.

“You look lovely, my darling”.

“I hope so, mama”.

As Mary began to ascend down the stairs, she heard George cry.


“Mary, I checked on Georgie and Sybie. They are both sleeping”.

“Mama, please, I will be right down, I promise”.

Entering the nursery, Mary found both her son and niece sleeping peacefully.

“I do the same thing” Tom came up behind her.

“Sybil would be proud of you, Tom, the way you’ve built your life here”.

“I think Matthew would say the same thing about you. He’s fine boy, Mary, you should be very proud of him”.

“I am, every day”.

“Tom, Mary, are you coming?” Now it was Edith’s turn to call out.

“Yes, we’re coming”.

The party was a great success. Mary’s smile started to slowly return that evening. Though she would never truly get over the loss of her husband, she knew that everything would be alright in the end.



*-These characters are not my own, they belong to Julian Fellows, Carnival, etc.

*Story takes place a year after season 3, episode 2.

*-This story was written before Michael Gregson was introduced to the American audience.


It was bound to happen eventually. The shopping district in Ripon was small enough; Edith knew that the day would come when she and Anthony would meet. That day was today.

The invitation from Tom had come the day before; he needed to run into Ripon to purchase some things for the house. The house remained in the same state since he and Sybee moved in a year ago, it was time to spruce it up. Mary was occupied, so Edith was happy to join her brother in law for the afternoon; a woman’s touch was exactly what the house needed.

“Good day, Mr. Branson, Lady Edith” they were greeted by the shop keeper. Between them was Sybee, who had recently started to walk. She was determined to go as fast and as far as she could, fighting any attempts by her father or any other adult to keep her out of trouble.

Tom handed the clerk a list of supplies while Edith took it up herself to entertain her young niece.

“What do you think, Sybbie? Should we ask papa if your old Aunt Edith can buy it for you?” Edith held out the small doll.

Sybbie reached for the doll, hugging it tightly.

“Tom” Edith called out, pointing to the doll.

“I’ll pay for it”.

“No” Edith protested “Let me spoil her a little; it’s my pleasure”.

The bell above the door rang to reveal Sir Anthony.

“Sir Anthony, this is a pleasure, what can I do for today?” the shop keeper asked.

“My niece had her first child last week. I would like to send a gift for the child, but I am just clueless as to what to get”.

“I think I know what will do” the shopkeeper directed her clerk to direct Sir Anthony to the appropriate gift.

Tom instantly turned to Edith, knowing that she had not quite gotten over being publicly jilted at the alter. Today was the first time that Edith and Anthony had been with close proximity since their aborted wedding.

“Mr. Branson, Lady Edith” Sir Anthony turned to greet them.

Then Sybbie let out a cry and Edith said a silent thank you.

“Pay me back another time; he doesn’t deserve your time or your tears” Tom whispered to her, taking the doll to the front to include in the final bill. He might be a bit rash every now and then, but he had a good heart.

“Thank you”.

“Papa?” Sybbie asked, realizing the doll was no longer in her grasp.

“Why don’t you take her outside, I will be there in a minute?”.

As she waited for Tom, Edith took a moment to reflect on her life. She was not Lady Strallan, she might never marry or have children of her own. But this was her life and she was determined to make the most of it.


*-The only character that I have created is Reggie Crawley. The rest belong to Julian Fellows, Carnival, etc.


The invitations had been sent out three weeks ago. The RSVPS had been returned.

The decorations were being put up and the kitchen was working to make sure that the guests would be properly fed.

Tomorrow was the 10th birthday of Master Reginald Robert Crawley, grandson and heir to the Earl of Grantham.

It was also the 10th anniversary of the passing of his late father, Matthew Crawley.

Despite his young age, Reggie knew that his birthday was also the day that his father died in the car accident.

The adults around him spoke in low tones, trying to not spoil the celebration. His mother, Lady Mary Crawley and his paternal grandmother Isobel Crawley, each a vibrant and outgoing woman in her own right, were unusually quiet.

Mary was consulting with Anna about the finals details for the party when Reggie stood in her doorway.

“Mama, am I the reason that papa died?”.

“I’ll be back, my lady”.

“Come here” Reggie walked into his mother’s arms.

“You are not to blame for your father’s death. It was an accident, nothing else”.

“Why did he have to die?” Reggie asked, his eyes as blue as Matthew’s.

Mary had always known that Reggie was Matthew’s son, but at that moment, it as if Matthew was standing in front of her.

“If I had answer, darling, I would tell you. But I do know that your father is watching over us and I will always treasure our time together”.

“I miss him, mama”.

“We all miss him” Mary began to feel tears dot her eyelashes. It was nearly ten years since Matthew died, but the grief had never fully subsided.

Lifting her son’s face up to hers, she kissed his tears away.

“Papa wouldn’t want you crying, darling. He would want you to enjoy your birthday”.

“I love you, mama” Reggie again folded himself into his mother’s arms.

“And I love you, my darling boy”.

The party was a rousing success. The birthday boy was a gracious and giving host, the children invited thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Later that night, long after the guests had left, the party had been cleaned up and the residents of Downton Abbey had gone to bed, a sliver of moon light passed through windows.

It first stopped in Mary’s bedroom before darting into Reggie’s room.

“I’m here son, I will never leave your or mother, I promise” it then disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Relief – Series 3 Christmas Episode Spoiler- Read At Your Own Risk

*-The only character that I have created is Reggie Crawley. The rest belong to Julian Fellows, Carnival, etc.

*-The story takes place right after World War II ends.

*-The story contains a huge and heartbreaking spoiler from the Christmas episode. If you have not seen the episode, read at your own risk.

*-WRAF- Womens Unit in the Royal Air Force. I didn’t do a lot of research about the WRAF, if the history isn’t 100% accurate, I apologize.

The war was coming to an end; the soldiers were finally coming home.

Lady Mary Crawley was not an emotional woman, at least not in her everyday life.

But today was not an ordinary day. Her son and only child, her darling boy, Reggie was coming home.

Matthew had died right after Reggie was born, that day was the hardest of her life. Her grandmother and Isobel died fifteen years ago, within six months of each other. Her mother died two years ago. She loved and missed them, but it was the death of Matthew so soon after their wedding and their son’s birth that nearly broke her.

In time, she began to heal and raised their son the way Matthew would have wanted him to be raised. Reggie had his father’s striking blue eyes and his humor, and his mother’s dark hair and intelligence.

When the war broke out, Mary knew that her son would enlist; it was just a matter of when.

“Will I do?” Reggie asked his mother, stepping into the library in full uniform.

“You will, my dear, very well” he looked so much like Matthew at that moment, it was hard to believe that the baby she once held in her arms was now a grown man.

“I will come back safe and sound, mother, I promise you”.

“I know you will”.

The war years were not easy for any of them, least of all, Mary. When it was announced that the war in Europe was over, Mary could finally smile again.

“Miss Branson, my lady” the maid announced. For a moment, Mary could see Anna; the girl only slightly resembled her.

Anna was more than an employee. Anna was more like a sister and a friend; Mary was as close to Anna as she was to Edith. After Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson retired, Anna and Bates took over the positions of housekeeper and butler. But the years wore on and Bates’s health began to decline. It was not easy to let Anna go to take care of her husband, but Mary knew it was the right thing to do.

“Sybee darling, I thought you were working until tomorrow” Sybee had followed in her mother’s footsteps, joining the nursing core of the WRAF. After her honorable discharge, Sybee took a position as a nurse in the local hospital, taking up her mother’s mantle.

“I asked one of the girls to switch with me; I wanted to be there to welcome Reggie home”.

“Mary, what time is train coming in?” Robert was heard at the top of the stairs.

“Papa, you shouldn’t be out of bed. Reggie has promised to come see you as soon as we arrive”. Robert Crawley was not a young man anymore, despite what he kept telling himself. The doctor’s recommendation was that Robert cut back and allow Tom, Mary and Edith to run the estate. But stepping down as master of Downton Abbey was not an easy concept for Robert to swallow.

“Pardon me, my lady, there is a young man to see you”.

“Did he give a name?” Mary asked.

“No my lady, he didn’t”.

Entering the library, the young man waiting for her in the library was not who she expected.

“I’m home, mother”.

“My darling boy, you don’t know how glad I am to see you” Mary hugged her son.

“And I am happy to be home”.

“Reggie, your home, we were all so worried about you” Sybee ran to her cousin, locking her arms around him.

“I’m home now; you don’t have to worry anymore”.

“What the commotion down there?” Robert called out.

“I decided to take an earlier train and surprise you all” Reggie stood at the bottom of the staircase.

“My dear boy, you don’t know how much we all missed you” Reggie ran up the stairs to hug his grandfather.

“Reggie, whatever you want for dinner tonight, we will have”.

After dinner, with the car waiting to take Tom and Sybee home, Sybee whispered into her cousin’s ear “I have to work tomorrow morning, but I have some time in the afternoon. I want you to come with me into the village. There is someone I would like you to meet”.

“Does Reggie know?” Robert turned to his daughter, watched his only grandchildren walk hand in hand. They were only a year apart, raised as if they were brother and sister and not cousins.

While serving in the WRAF, Sybee met a young man and after a year of courtship, he came to Yorkshire to meet her family. Tom reported to father and sister in laws that the young man was intelligent, had a solid career and adored his daughter. In short, he had no objections to this young man. Sybee was not yet engaged, but it looked that she would be engaged soon.

“He will know tomorrow”.

“Will there be anything else, tonight, my lady?” her lady’s maid asked as Mary was prepared for bed.

“Nothing else tonight, thank you”.

Every night during the war, Mary prayed. She prayed to god, her grandparents, to Isobel, her mother and sister and most of all, Matthew. She would pray that they would watch over her son and guide him back to Downton safely.

Today, her prayers were answered and for the first time in years, she could sleep soundly.

Sing For Me/Life Of Leaving Home

*-The DA characters are not mine, the only character that I have created is Abigail Bates.

 *- I think I have somehow intertwined the lyrics for Sing For Me and Life of Leaving Home. But that’s ok, because Yellowcard is an awesome band who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in person.

 *-Thank you to Sara for beta reading.

 “You have thirty minutes” The guard said as he stood in the doorway.

 It was their usual routine. John had not hung, but he was not free. Mr. Murray was trying to have the sentence lifted, but his efforts had so far failed. It was still time together, Anna reminded herself. Every two weeks for a half hour, Anna would take the bus into York to see her husband. The chair scraped against the floor as she sat down, the edge of the table grazing her growing abdomen.

 I can see all the footsteps left behind,
Every second I gave!
Every song was a snapshot of my life
I needed something to say!

 After everything John Bates had done in his life, he had done two things right. He had stayed at Downton and married Anna. He would be a father by the end of the year, for the first time in his life.

I started out in a last slow motion scene,
Watching everyone change!
Made one road from here,
I had no reason to stay!

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!

More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

 After he was convicted, John decided for the first time in his life to live. The mistakes he had made were in the past and despite his current circumstances, he would survive. That he would make sure of.

Think of me when the stars come out tonight,
Take a look at the sky!
Never said that I could burn out that
But I needed it to try!

He hated to see the look in Anna’s eyes when she left him. To live free with her, to be the husband and father that she wanted him to be would have been his greatest wish. But he would not let Vera win, even in death.

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

The day that I found my voice
I knew that I had no choice look at me, and listen close
So I can tell you how I feel before i go
Just a year it’s not much time
For me to show you I am proud that you are mine
I wish I had known the future in my heart
Was just about to start

When Dr. Clarkson told Anna that she could no longer travel, they wrote letters nearly every day. She spoke of how kindly she was being treated, allowed a respite from some of her responsibilities, how she and Lady Mary were with child at the same time.

Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there
Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

 John missed Anna; he knew this was the best they could do for now. 

Every lock on every door, I put them there to try and hide you from the world
And you kicked yeah you screamed
You never understood you’re everything to me
I just hope you know, the future in your heart
Is just about to start

 John tried to hide his past from her, to warn Anna about what she was getting into with him. He was a convict, a reformed alcoholic. He was nearly fifteen years her senior and certainly not a young man anymore. But she loved him and would not give up on him. For that alone, he was becoming a better man.
Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there

Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

Looking back when I am gone
Sing for me, follow your heart it’s never wrong, sing for me
Looking back when I am gone
Sing for me, don’t second guess to know you’re all
Out of time, oh out of fight
You are the only thing in life that I got right

Say tomorrow I can’t follow you there

Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you, always near you
And I’ll give you the words, just sing for me

Then the letter came.

 “My darling

 We have a daughter, a beautiful, healthy daughter. Her name is Abigail and she is anxious to meet her father. I will bring her as soon as Dr. Clarkson gives his approval.

 You’re loving wife, Anna”.

 Just close your eyes and sing for me, sing for me
just close your eyes and sing for me.
The only way I ever learn some love
..If I found it on my own!
On my own!

I am awake and alive
There is something calling me!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a dream I’m following on my own,
On my own, on my own!
More than a moment in time,
It’s a life I’ve lived!

 “Bates, your wife is here” John was escorted to the visitor’s room.

 “John, this is your daughter.” Holding his daughter for the first time, John was amazed to see how much his daughter looked like her mother.

 “Mrs. Bates, may we come in?” Mr. Murray stood in the doorway with Mr. Crawley.

 “Of course, Mr. Murray”.

 “Mr. Bates, we have good news. We have resubmitted the evidence to the crown and they have decided that it is insufficient to uphold the life sentence. However, given your past conviction, if you should be accused again, the life sentence will be reinstated”.

 “Am I free?” John asked.


 “Bates, there is more,” Matthew stepped into the conversation “I don’t know if Anna told you, but Mary and I will be leaving Downton for Crawley House in London. We will only need a small number of household staff, for now at least. Anna will be housekeeper and we would like you to be the butler. What do you say?”.

 “Anna?” John looked to his wife.

 “I told them yes, if you would agree”.

 “Thank you, Mr. Crawley, we will be very happy to join you”.

 A month later, the residents of Crawleyhouse had settled down from the night.  Abigail Bates slept comfortably as her father laid her in her crib and then joined her mother in their bed.  The past was behind him and the future was bright.

 The end

She- An Anna Smith and John Bates Fanfiction

*-These characters are not mine, they belong to Julian Fellows.

 *-The main POV is from Mr. Molesley.

 *-Thank you to Sarah for beta reading.


She is amiable, strong, loving, never without a kind word, even to those whom she dislikes.

 Anna Smith is the woman I want to marry.

 But she is with another.

 Her beautiful blue eyes sparkle at the mention of his name; their eyes never leave each other when they are in the same room.

 He walks with a cane; she deserves a man who is not beset by physical deficiencies.

 John Bates, valet to his lordship, sits down on the other side of Anna. He takes her hand in his under the table, they don’t speak to each other, but their eyes speak volumes.

 He is far too old for her, Anna deserves a younger man. He has a criminal record; Anna deserves a man who has not been to jail.  He has been married before; rumors are that his former wife is not a pleasant woman. I have no history to hold me back.

 They are to be married; I wonder if Anna’s parents know of the man they will soon refer to as their son in law.

 I was sent to the village by Mrs. Crawley, when I see Anna and Mr. Bates leaving the post office.

 Her arm is wrapped around his, they are both smiling.

 John Bates is a lucky man, I hope he appreciates her. If not, then I will be there and Anna Smith will love me as much as I love her.

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