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Just A Little Tacky?

Giantmicrobes Inc, has added their latest stuffed toy to the catalog. It is selling like hotcakes to the point of being sold out.

The latest stuffed toy is an ebola virus.

The company claims that it is a tool for parents, educators and doctors to explain to children about the virus in a way that they will understand.

In the past, they have sold similar products such as the common cold, chicken pox and E. coli.

I get the point of the product, I really do.  Ebola is a virus that is scary, even if you know the facts.

However, this disease is not the common cold. The common cold, if treated properly, lasts about a week and forces the sick person to remain in bed for a few days.  It does not normally kill the person who is sick. Ebola has killed 5000 people.

I think this is a little tacky.

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Ebola Virus

Am I the only who is slightly scared by what is being said on the news about the ebola virus?

Do I trust what the media is saying, that it is contained to those in this country are already infected? Not completely.

I did see Contagion three years ago. This movie proved that blood and gore are not required to scare audiences.

The Spanish flu  killed millions just after the end of World War I. The world did not have the technology or the modes of travel that we have now.

I hope it is contained and I pray for those affected. But I will not lie that it makes one think.

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