Happy Birthday Legally Blonde!

15 years ago today, Legally Blonde hit theaters.

Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is the typical empty-headed California blonde sorority girl. At the beginning of the film, Elle expects a marriage proposal from her long time boyfriend, Warner (Matthew Davis). What she gets instead is a broken heart.

Warner is heading to law school and sees his future in politics. Elle is not exactly the ideal politician’s wife, according to Warner. After throwing herself a pity party, Elle decides to follow her now ex across the country to law school. Her only goal is to get her boyfriend back. What Elle does not know is how life changing attending law school will be.

This movie is brilliant, for several reasons. First is Reese Witherspoon, who was perfectly cast as Elle. The second reason is that the movie is incredibly funny and entertaining. The third (and most important) reason why this movie is brilliant is that Elle is a role model. She may look the part of the typical dumb blonde, but grows into a strong woman who can stand on her own two feet and is incredibly smart. She is not a dumb blonde.

Happy Birthday, Legally Blonde.

Flashback Friday-Legally Blonde

The dumb blonde is an obvious joke in our culture. She is easy on the eyes, but lacks the brain power. Or so we think.

In 2001, Legally Blonde turned the image of the blonde ditz on it’s ear.

California sorority girl Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is eagerly waiting for a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Warner (Matthew Davis). Instead he breaks up with her. Determined to win him back, Elle follows Warner to law school. She finds that he is newly engaged to Vivian Kensington, (Selma Blair) an East Coast Brunette that will help Warner fulfill his political ambition. Deciding to make the best of her situation, Elle finds that law school may be just what she needs and Emmett (Luke Wilson) may be the better man for her.

I like this movie. It’s funny and charming, but it also has an undercurrent of female power running through it.

In 2007, Legally Blonde was made into a Broadway show and an MTV reality show that filmed the audition process and used it as a marketing tool.

While the musical did not last very long in New York, the movie will live on.

Do I recommend the movie? Yes.


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