The Brontes: Wild Genius on the Moors: The Story of a Literary Family Book Review 

In their lifetimes, Emily, Anne and Charlotte Bronte wereally considered to be unremarkable, with one exception. Their writing was remarkable.

In 1994, Juliet Barker published The Brontes Wild Genius On The Moors: The Story Of A Literary Family. In 2010, the book was re-released and updated with new information that was not contained within the original volume.

The book starts as it should with the Bronte patriarch, Patrick. It also ends with him, as the sole surviving Bronte. He buried his wife and six children, not knowing that his youngest daughters would live forever through their writing. His son, Branwell, was equally as brilliant as his sisters, but was unfortunately felled by an alcohol addiction.

I really liked this book.  As a Bronte fan,  I knew much of the information that was contained within the book. But what Ms. Barker has brilliantly done is add new material while properly  telling the story of the Brontes.

I recommend it.

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