Time Stands Still

At first glance, New York City seems to always be on the cutting edge of modernity. Buildings made of steel, glass and concrete fill the skyline. It is the city of concrete dreams that Alicia Keys referred to in the song “Empire State Of Mind“.

But there is another New York City. One that is older, that represents previous generations who left the lands of their ancestors for the freedom and opportunity that the United States offers.

The Eldridge Street Synagogue and Museum  on the Lower East Side is a marvel of architecture, hope and opportunity.

Eldridge St 3

Built in the late 1880’s by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, they flocked to the Lower East Side and to this synagogue.

It has been renovated extensively over the past two decades.

Eldridge St 1 Eldridge St 2

Walking into the main sanctuary feels like time has stood still. It looks very much like it did to those immigrants who made this synagogue their second home. I felt like I was walking into Hester Street.

I recommend the Eldridge Street Synagogue and Museum  for both tourists and locals.




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