The Critics Were Wrong-Burlesque

There is an old saying: all that glitters is not gold.

To those that dream of success as an entertainer, the glitter of success is not often made of gold. It is made of hard work, luck and patience.

In the 2010 movie Burlesque, Ali (Christina Aguilera) dreams of success as a performer. Taking a chance, she leaves her small town for Los Angeles. Entering Tess’s (Cher) neo-burlesque club, Ali is bold enough to approach Tess for a job. Un-impressed, but willing to take a chance on the new girl, Tess hires Ali. But Tess, who was a dancer years ago, has troubles of her own. The club has seen better days are behind it and unless she can scrounge up the cash, Tess and her staff will be out of work.

Are the critics wrong about Burlesque? If they look at this movie from the point of view of being completely cliched, but campy in a good way, then yes, they are wrong.  If they look at this movie from a scholarly, serious point of view, then yes, they are right. Aguilera in an appropriate film debut, is decent. Cher, well, is Cher.

This movie is not for everyone, but it’s not all bad.

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