Just Keep Swimming

Sometimes, when we feel when we are the point that is our lowest, it’s easy to give up. What is harder to do is to pick yourself up and move forward.

In the recent release Finding Dory, Dory, the blue tang once more voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, is just as cheerful and forgetful as she was in Finding Nemo.

The plot of Finding Dory focuses on Dory’s journey to find her parents.

It’s easy to laugh and mock someone who is like Dory. Socially naive, forgetful, not always the smartest fish in the sea, etc.

But underneath all that is a confidence, a belief that she can find her parents and more importantly, a resolve to not give up until she finds her parents.

I think that is a lesson we all can learn from Dory. If there is something you want out of life, just go for it. There will be nay sayers and obstacles along the way, that is certain. But that does not mean we should give up at the first potential sign of defeat.

As Dory says, just keep swimming. You’ll make it there, whatever there is.

P.S. If anyone would like to read my review of Finding Dory, it should hopefully be on the website Movie Pilot soon. You can also check out my review of Money Monster if your interested on the same site.


Throwback Thursday-Finding Nemo (2003)

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful, hair raising, stressful adventure that anyone could go on. On one hand, you know that at some point, your kid is going to grow up and leave the nest. But you still want to do your best to protect your kid from the dangers of life.

In Finding Nemo (2003) Marlin (Albert Brooks) is a clown fish who constantly worries about his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould). Like any kid, Nemo ignores his father’s warning about going into the open ocean. Venturing into the open ocean, Nemo is captured and put into an aquarium in a dentists office. Facing the open ocean and it’s dangers, Marlin will do anything to find his son. At the same time, Nemo joins his fellow sea creatures to escape the aquarium and return to the sea.

This is a rare Disney animated film that appeals to both adults and kids. It has the adult humor and insight that only comes with maturity, but also is youthful enough to entertain a young audience.

I absolutely recommend it.

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