Not So Footloose

Every story, no matter how fantastical it may seem, is somehow grounded in real life.

Footloose (1984) is no different. Footloose is the story of big city teenager who moves to small town where rock music and dancing are banned.

In Hopkinton Massachusetts, High School principal Evan Bishop sent a letter to parents stating that schools dances were cancelled due to the sexualized nature of the student’s dancing.

This story is an old one. Whether is out of fear, a conservative view of the world or just plain concern, sometimes the older generation will try to censor the younger generation.

While I understand why Mr. Bishop did what he did, an all out ban on school dances is not the answer.  When something is banned or off limits, it is more tempting because it is kept from us.

A better solution would be to reinstate the dances, but establish ground rules from the start. If any of the students do not comply with the rules, then those individuals will  not be allowed to attend.

Why should an entire group of students be punished for either the conservatism of the school officials or the misbehavior of a small group of students?



Flashback Friday-1980’s Edition-Parents Just Don’t Understand-Footloose and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In 1988, Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff broke into the music scene with Parents Just Don’t Understand. Which is the theme of this Flashback Friday post.

Footloose (1984)

Ren (Kevin Bacon) has moved from Chicago to small town America. Rock music and dancing have been banned. While the town preacher, Rev Shaw Moore (John Lithgow) continues to preach against rock music and dancing, his teenage daughter Ariel (Lori Singer) is rebelling against her father and constrictions placed on her.  With prom coming up quick, Ren and his classmates have to stand up for themselves against the adults in town in favor of the prom they desperately desire.

This movie is an out and out classic. It’s the perfect teenage rebellion movie, coupled with one of the best soundtracks ever. There was a reboot in 2011, but it doesn’t quite stand up to the original.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) does not want to go school today. He devises a plan to avoid his parents and the school principal, Mr. Rooney (Jeffrey Jones), who is eager to catch Ferris in the act of cutting class. With his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) and his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck), they head to Chicago for a day of fun and adventure.

This is a 1980’s John Hughes directed teenage movie. It is nearly 30 years old and as perfect a teenage movie as it was when it premiered in 1986.  And did I mentioned that the parade scene where Ferris sings Twist and Shout is awesome?

I recommend both movies.

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