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Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra

Today marks the 100th birthday of legendary performer Frank Sinatra.

For fans of all generations, Sinatra is many things. For women who were coming of age in the 1940’s, he was their teenage idol. Music and movie fans in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, remember him as both a respected musician and an Oscar winning actor.

Without knowing it, Frank Sinatra would pave the way for popular music as we know it today.  Unlike other artists, Sinatra was included in the conception and  recording of his albums. He created the concept album that would later become a staple of the top 40 charts. Every musician since then, regardless of the genre of music that they perform, owes this man a debt of gratitude.

He was also an activist for a better future. Including Sammy Davis Jr. in the Rat Pack during the upheaval of the Civil Rights movement was revolutionary in the 1960’s. He was an outspoken supporter of Israel.

In his prime, Sinatra was the epitome of cool. While his swagger and style has been replicated over the years, it has never been truly duplicated.

In the end, he lived the way he wanted to live.

Happy Birthday, Frank. May you live on forever.


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Sinatra: An American Icon Review

We knew him Chairman Of The Board. We knew him as Old Blue Eyes. Or just plain Frank Sinatra.  When he passed away in 1998, the world lost an icon.

This year he would have been 100. The New York Public Library celebrates his life, career and music with an exhibit as Lincoln Center titled Sinatra: An American Icon.

Frank Sinatra was not just a singer. Nor was he not just an actor. He was one of the few individuals in show business who was able to succeed in both arenas and keep both sides of his career going at the same time. But the exhibit is not just about the performer. It is about the man, the father, the husband and the icon who may no longer be physically with us, but his work and his spirit live on.


I absolutely recommend this exhibition.

Sinatra: An American Icon will be at the New York Public Library For Performing Arts Until September 4th. 

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