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RIP Debbie Reynolds

I’m starting to think that death is playing a sick joke on us. I’ve stopped counting the number of celebrities we’ve lost this year.

Two days ago, we lost George Michael. Yesterday, actress and writer Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack. A short time ago, it was announced that Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds died from a stroke.

A friend of mine joked on Facebook that George RR Martin must be the man behind the throne this year.

Debbie Reynolds was one of the last living icons of the studio system. Her breakthrough role was in Singin’ In The Rain (1952), opposite Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor. Though Ms. Reynolds played the wide-eyed innocent in the 1950’s, her real life was far from her on-screen persona. She was married three times, her first husband, the late crooner Eddie Fisher was the father of her children, Carrie (of Star Wars fame) and Todd. Eddie infamously left his wife and children for Elizabeth Taylor after the death of Ms. Taylor’s third husband, Mike Todd. Enduring two more divorces and bankruptcy, Debbie Reynolds will stay in our collective consciousness as one of the legends of old Hollywood.

I have to admit that while I admired Ms. Reynolds for her decades long career, my favorite role of hers will be Bobbi Adler, Grace Adler’s(Debra Messing) mother on Will and Grace.

RIP Debbie, you and Carrie are back together.

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RIP George Michael

2016 has been one hec of a year. After the loss of so many respected artists, many of us has hoped that we would enjoy our Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations and not think about the ones who were not here to celebrate with us. But death had one more ace up its sleeve.

George Michael passed away yesterday.

He was an multi-genre artist who touched generations of fans. In the 1980’s, he and band-mate Andrew Ridgeley known as Wham! a Britpop band known for their top 40 pop hit, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Later in the 1980’s and early in the 1990’s, George Michael stepped away from the lighter music to release songs that represented who he was an artist and a human being, in response to the superficial marketed image that had been used in the past.

Outed as a gay man in 1998 after being accused for conducting a lewd act in California, George became a gay icon for those both in and out of the closet.

While his physical body is gone, his music and his legacy will live on.

George Michael was 53. RIP.

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