Of Blessed Memory

Naftali Frenkel, Eyal Yifrach and and Gilad Schaar were found yesterday.

They did not return to the loving arms of their families.

They were returned in body bags.

The boys were 16 and 19 years old. Naftatli Frenkel was a dual citizen of both Israel and the United States.

They were young boys, no different than any other boys their page. Playing sports, going to school, spending time with the family and friends.

Now they are gone, joining a very long list of those who have been murdered because they are Israeli Jews.

I normally try to keep the topics I write about neutral, but I cannot remain silent on this topic.

These boys did not deserve to die before they saw 20 years of life. But they are dead and those who killed them must face justice.

Baruch dayan haemet


Of blessed memory

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