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How About Them Tariffs? GM Will Be Cutting Jobs And Closing Plants

When a certain person was running for the highest office in the land, he used his so-called business acumen as one of the reasons why he was qualified for the position.

He also insisted that imposing tariffs on certain materials coming into and going out of this country would be good for the economy.

Yesterday, it was announced that GM would be cutting over 14,000 jobs and closing 7 factories. The claim by GM is that the factories are closing (and employees losing their jobs) because the car models that these factories produce are not selling as vigorously as other car models.

I’m not an expert in economics by any stretch of the imagination. However, I know enough to know that these tariffs are not doing what he promised they would do.

When it comes to elections, voters vote with their wallet as much as they  do with their political, social or religious beliefs. When an economy is tanking during a major election cycle, many voters will often blame their political leaders and not vote for the incumbent.

I suggest that a certain person learns that, otherwise he may go down in history as another one term President.

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