Flashback Friday-Actor Spotlight-Annette Bening- Mars Attacks! (1996) & What Planet Are You From (2000)

Tonight’s Flashback Friday post and actor spotlight is Annette Bening.

In 1996, she was part of all star cast in Mars Attacks!

Martian spaceships are circling Earth. A meeting is arranged in hopes of keeping the peace. But the Martians do not plan to keep the peace.  And they have a sick sense of humor.

This movie is a throwback to the alien movies of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It is also a little campy, but not in an over the top way.

Four years later, she starred in What Planet Are You From?

Harold Anderson (Gary Shandling) looks like your all-American banker. But he is not. He is an alien from another planet, devoid of emotion and natural reproduction. Their plan is to take over the world. Harold’s mission is to find a mate and have a child. Enter Susan (Annette Bening).  They meet, marry and become pregnant, but Harold’s mission still holds. Will he become human and emotional or just stick to the plan?

This movie an interesting mixture of an alien invasion/dry humor romantic comedy. It also asks some important questions about relationships and how we navigate the sometimes rocky roads we travel while in relationships.

I recommend them both.

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