Fatphobia, Amanda LaCount and Body Shaming by Heidi Klum

To see a dream become a reality requires more than just dreaming. It requires work, commitment, and drive. It also requires knowing the difference between constructive criticism and criticism that has a more personal bent.

Last night, Amanda LaCount auditioned on America’s Got Talent.

Her dream and professional goal is to dance. Her audition last night proved that she has what it takes. There was a joy and a spirit in her performance that I think was obvious to all who watched it.

Three of the four judges gave her the green light to move forward. Heidi Klum was the only judge to did not give her a yes.

The problem with her reaction is that it smacks of fatphobia and body shaming. When we think of dancers, the general image is of someone who is fit and generally thin. We don’t think of someone who looks like Amanda.

I wish we lived in a world in which drive, talent, and ability were the only factors in determining success, especially in the entertainment field. But we don’t. We live in a world in which one’s outside appearance also plays a role in one’s success.

I wish Amanda all of the success in the world with her dancing career. Perhaps she may be the one who helps us to break the looks only glass ceiling forever.


Flashback Friday-Project Runway (2004-Present)

For some, the ultimate professional dream is to have their own successful clothing line.

In 2004, Project Runway premiered on Bravo before moving to Lifetime and then returning to Bravo. Combining the dreams of up and coming fashion designers with the format of a reality show competition, the end goal of the contestants was to win the show and run their own clothing line. Guided by Tim Gunn, the contestants were judged by supermodel and host Heidi Klum, fashion designer Michael Kors and Elle creative director Nina Garcia. Filmed in New York City, the contestants are often given out of the box challenges and every episode, they are judged by a celebrity guest in addition to the regular judges.

While Project Runway has all of the hallmarks of a standard reality competition program, it stands out because the contestants have an opportunity for real world success.

I recommend it.



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