Flashback Friday-It Takes Two (1995)

In the 1990’s, the Olsen twins were the child star darlings of the era. ¬†Nearly everything they touched turned into gold.

Well, almost everything….

In 1995, they starred in It Takes Two. Amanda (Ashley Olsen) is an orphan living in a orphanage run by Diane (Kirstie Alley). Alyssa (Mary-Kate Olsen) lost her mother quite a while ago. Her father (Steve Guttenberg) is on the verge of marrying again, but it appears that his soon to be wife is interested in her fiance for more than himself…..

This movie is your standard rom-com. The meet-cute between the potential couple, the meddling kids, the significant other already in the picture who might just break up the potential couple, etc.  While it has the hallmarks of the the genre, I find this movie to be cookie cutter and boring.

Do I recommend it? No.

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