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The Tyrant’s Daughter Book Review

The Tyrant’s Daughter, by JC Carleson provides a point of view that those in the west never, if rarely are able to experience.

The daughters of the men who have ruled the Middle East for decades and how their lives change when the men who have ruled these countries are dead or no longer in power.

Laila is the daughter of the deposed and deceased ruler of an unknown Middle East Muslim country.  With her mother and younger brother, she has been relocated to the United States. The adjustment to the United States is not an easy one for the entire family. Laila soon begins to shrug off her life as her father’s daughter and acts like a normal American teenager. But her mother’s focus is to regain power, to do so, she is working with the CIA.

I liked this book. Laila felt like any fifteen year old girl. The tension of adjusting to life as an American teenager while slowly becoming aware of the the crimes that her family was accused of was absolutely perfect. The end was not what I saw coming, but it felt authentic.

I recommend this book.

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