A Year In The Life Of Downton Abbey Book Review

Most successful television shows have some sort of cultural impact. Some may initiate a haircut of the moment such as the Rachel¬† during mid 1990’s or a well known catchphrase¬† such as “Did I do that?” from Family Matters.

Few shows have had the cultural impact that Downton Abbey have had. Even fewer have a line of merchandise.  There is the tea (several of which I personally recommend), the Christmas ornaments, the t-shirts, etc. Ahead of the season 5 premiere in January, author Jessica Fellows (niece of the show creator, Julian Fellows), has published her third Downton Abbey related book.

A Year In The Life of Downton Abbey: Seasonal Celebrations Traditions and Recipes is different format than Ms. Fellows two previous books.

While the previous books, like this book, contained interviews with the cast and crew, this book is is in calender form. Starting in January and ending in December, the book details the lives of the characters during each month of the year. Added to this book is recipes, a feature which is a nice addition.

I recommend this book.

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