Flashback Friday-Dr. Who (1963-Present)

There is something to be said about a good science fiction story. While the story must be out of this world, it must also have human qualities for the audience to relate to.

Dr. Who has been a staple of British television since 1963. The title character is a Time Lord in human form known as the Doctor. Traveling in a spaceship known as the Tardis (which resembles a British police box on the outside), the Doctor travels through time and space with their companion(s). Along the way, the main character helps the less fortunate while encountering villains whose goal is to see to their demise.

Currently, the title character is played by Jodie Whittaker. I am not a huge Dr. Who fan, but I appreciate that this program does not take itself too seriously. This, in my opinion, allows both the audience and the characters to have fun and not take themselves too seriously.

I recommend it.


The New Dr. Who Is……

Among science fiction fans Dr. Who is one of the most respected television series. On the air since 1963, it has generations of fans.

Up until recently, the title role has been played by a male actor. That is about to change.

I am not a huge fan of Dr. Who, but I know enough of the basics to get by. The fact Jodie Whittaker is playing the new doctor is nothing short of amazing. It is one step further towards real equality, both on the screen and in real life.

I hope that she will be the first many women who will one day inhabit the role.

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