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RIP John Lennon

Every once in a while, an artist comes along whose genius straddles genres, labels, and generations.

The late John Lennon was one of these artists. Today is the 40th anniversary of his assassination in New York City.

Lennon was more than a musician. He was iconic of his time, representing the changes that America and the world was going through. As both a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, his ability to create music is nothing short of legendary. Decades after his passing, modern musical artists still look back on Lennon with respect and admiration.

I grew up with Lennon and the Beatles. Like many millennials, my parents are baby boomers who came of age during Beatlemania. When I was a child, my parents would often put on the local oldies station in the car. As I got older, I learned to appreciate how timeless his work is.

Wherever he is, may his memory forever be a blessing.

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RIP John Lennon

Today is the 35th anniversary of passing of music legend John Lennon.

John Lennon was more than a musician. He was an icon, an activist for world peace and a visionary.

RIP, sir. While your physical being was unfortunately taken from us far too soon, your music and your vision of a better world will live on.


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