If This Is The Mark Of A Leader, We Are In Big Trouble

There are certain hallmarks that come with leadership. The ability to calmly and maturely accept blame when something goes wrong or someone makes a mistake. The ability to admit when you, as the leader, have made a mistake. There is also the ability to praise someone who has done well in their position, regardless of how one feels about them on a professional or personal level.

Earlier tonight, theĀ John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law. While you know who openly thanked multiple members of Congress for passing the law, he did not thank the Senator whose name is on the law.

While John McCain has given his life to serve this country, both in the military and on Capitol Hill, you know who only gives a sh*t about his needs and his reputation. Not only did he use the excuse of “bone spurs” to get out of serving, but he has used the military as an excuse to further his personal agenda and to give lip service to his base.

If this is the mark of a leader, we are in big trouble.

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