Jon Stewart Spoke the Truth About the Republican’s Reactions to the PACT Act

When it comes to our veterans, the generally accepted response is to shake their hands and verbally thank them for putting their lives on the line. While that is well and good, we need to ensure that they have access to medical care that is unique to their experience.

Last week, many Republicans voted against the PACT act. The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that those who were exposed to burn pits can see a doctor when dealing with the adverse side effects of this exposure. Ironically, they voted for the bill last month.

The response from veterans and comedian/former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart was swift and loud.

Why does it take a famous comedian to shine the spotlight on what should be an obvious agreement? This is not a political issue that depends on one’s belief system. This bill and the money that is being put aside is for our fellow Americans who put their lives, their families, and their futures on hold to protect this nation and its values.

And how do we thank them for their service? Not by providing free treatment when they are living with cancer or another fatal disease? We tell them good night, good luck, and shove them out the figurative door. Let them die, let their families grieve, and deal with the multiple after-effects of that loss.

Like many men of their generation, both my grandfathers fought in World War II. When they came home, they were not kicked to the curb by the politicians of the era. They had the GI Bill. That gave them access to education, home ownership, etc. Where is the conscious of some of those in power today? I’d like to think that deep down, they have one. But I have yet to see it.

This was just another round of political “top that”. It’s not about serving the people, it is about their want to stay in power. Just another reason to vote them all out in November.


RIP Detective Luis Alvarez

When the Twin Towers fell on September 11th, 2001, those who were lucky enough the survive the falling of the towers ran from the towers with everything they had. While they ran from the smoldering ashes, the first responders ran toward the smoldering ashes. One of those first responders died today.

Detective Luis Alvarez passed away today at the young age of 53. He spent three months after 9/11 searching for survivors in the rubble. A few weeks ago, Detective Alvarez was among the first responders who testified with Jon Stewart to remind Congress of their responsibility to extend the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Detective Alvarez is a hero in every sense of the word. A hero is defined (at least in my book), as someone who acts in the interests of others. Putting everything else on hold (his health included), he was one of many who acted in the interest of the city and the survivors.

Z”l, may his memory forever be a blessing.

The September 11th Victims Compensation Fund Should Be Renewed

Those of us above a certain age remember 9/11 and the awful days after the destruction the Twin Towers. While many of us were in shock and not sure how to deal, the first responders jumped in without a second thought.

Eighteen years later, the September 11th Victims Compensation Fund that is supposed to provide financial support to the victims, the first responders and the families is potentially going to be reduced. The problem is that the number of claims are increasing as the money available might be decreased.

From my perspective, there should be not even a shadow of a doubt that the fund should be kept going. It does not matter which political party (if any) one subscribes to. But Congress seems to have forgotten that. Why does it take Jon Stewart to remind our elected officials (whom we, the voters hired to represent us) that these men and women deserve this money?

Throwback Thursday-The Daily Show (1996-Present)

Let’s face it, the news can be dull at moment. But comedy has a way of elevating the news by making us laugh and making us think.

The Daily Show premiered in 1996 on Comedy Central and has been a staple of the channel since then. Originally hosted by Craig Kilborn, then by Jon Stewart and currently by Trevor Noah, The Daily Show is is part news program and part stand up comedy routine.

The thing that I love about The Daily Show is that it speaks to the viewer who is bored or turned off by traditional news outlets, but still wants to be in the know about what is happening in the world.

I recommend it.

I’m Going To Miss You, Jon Stewart

Let’s face it, the news is boring.

Jon Stewart has hosted The Daily Show since 1999. He made the news accessible and understandable for a generation who may or may not read a local newspaper or go to news stories on the internet.

I’m going to miss you, Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart On The Charleston Shooting

The shooting in Charleston earlier in the week broke the heart of America. The appearance of pure hatred reminded us that for all of our progress (which we do have), we still have a long way to go.

Jon Stewart hit the nail on the head.

Happy Saturday.

The Irony Of Caitlyn Jenner

There is one woman’s name on the lips of the world these past two days: Caitlyn Jenner.

Formerly Bruce Jenner, the Gold medal winner in the 1976 Montreal Olympics in the men’s decathlon and patriarch of a certain untalented television family who shall not be named, she revealed her new identity to world via the latest issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

The media pounced on the story like a vultures descending on the carcass of a recently deceased cow.

Comedian and Daily Show host Jon Stewart, as he usually does, hit the nail on the head.

As Bruce, he was assigned the usual positive qualities attached to a male: strong, intelligent and capable. As Caitlyn, she is assigned  the usual positive qualities attached to a female: beautiful, pretty and attractive.  In other words, as a man, he was judged by his abilities and his intelligence. As a woman, she is being judged by her looks.

Putting aside the fact that Caitlyn is now the public face of LGBT community, what Caitlyn represents is the double sided reality that women face today.  While we have come very far in what is essentially a short time, we are still being judged by our looks.

I love the irony of Caitlyn Jenner

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