Lady Maybe Book Review

Writing a romance novel, especially a historical romance novel is like walking a fine line. You want to appeal to modern readers, but you also need to remain true to the time period.

Earlier this year, Julie Klassen released her new novel, Lady Maybe.

Hannah Rogers is caught in a lie. After surviving a carriage accident, she is assumed to be the lady of the house. Desperately needing to remove her infant son from a less than ideal situation, Hannah plays along with the lie. Then the lie becomes bigger than her. First her employer wakes up and he is not what she thought he would be. And the solicitor, who is initially suspicious of Hannah, finds that she is not whom he thought he would be dealing with.

The truth will have to come to light eventually. When it does, Hannah will have to face the consequences and choose both the man and the life that is best for her and her son.

I really liked this book. The story was well written, the characters were well rounded and the suspense kept me going to the very end. Unlike other novels of this genre, the sexual aspects of the story were pg 13 as opposed to other novels where the sexual aspects are rated r, which is a nice change. My only complaint about the book is that Ms. Klassen used some modern verbage that did not fit in with the Regency era setting.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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