Flashback Friday-React Channel (2010-Present)

A good Youtube series has to have the following qualities: compelling, entertaining, and the desire to for the audience to want to come back for more.

Since 2010, the React Channel on Youtube has been seen by millions of viewers. Created by the Fine Brothers, the channel that includes series such as Kids React and Elders React, has created a niche that is unique to the Internet age.

As a viewer, I can’t help but be addicted to this channel and its various series. It is so good that one could watch for hours, forgetting everything else.

I recommend it.


Elders React/Kids React

My latest you tube addiction/time waster is Elders React & Kids React.

It’s interesting to see how the “elders” react to modern technology and culture that us younger people take for granted.

On the flip, I get a serious kick (and feel old) watching kids react to old toys, entertainment and technology that was considered start of the art.

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