Lana’s War: A Novel Book Review

Challenging times force us to make a choice. We can either sit back and do nothing. Or we can fight against injustice.

Anita Abriel’s new book, Lana’s War, was published back in January. In Paris in 1943, Lana Antanova¬†is happy, despite the suffering imposed on the city by the German invaders. Married and newly pregnant, she hurries to tell her husband the news of their upcoming bundle of joy. Her joy is quickly snuffed out when she is made a widow by a German officer. Her grief is compounded by a miscarriage.

A few months later, Lana joins the resistance. The daughter of a Russian noblewoman, she is the perfect person to penetrate the ranks of German officers who are making themselves comfortable on the French coast. Among them is the man who killed her husband. She is paired up with Guy Pascal, a wealthy Swiss industrialist who is also in the resistance. Pretending to be his mistress, they work together to save as many Jewish lives as possible. When Lana becomes emotionally attached to a young Jewish girl, she is determined to protect not just her own life, but also those lives of the people around her.

This book is fantastic. The narrative crackled with tension. It read almost like a spy thriller instead of a historical novel. I love that Lana is not simply the damsel in distress. She is a smart cookie and a badass who does what is right, in spite of the danger.

Do I recommend it? Absolutely.

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