Enjoy Jail, Larry Nassar

There is a special place in h*ll for those who sexually abuse children for their own pleasure.

Larry Nassar, the former doctor for the United States women’s national gymnastics team, has been sentenced for up 175 years in prison for molesting 150 women and girl over the last twenty years. The only way he will leave prison after sentencing is in a body bag.

While I am beyond thrilled that Dr. Nassar will be getting his just desserts, I am in awe of the women who stepped forward and faced down the man who destroyed their childhoods.

What bothers me, as I am sure that it bothers a lot of other people, is why it took two decades for the truth to come into the light and for Dr. Nassar to be charged. This is not a topic, especially in a large organization that stays hidden under the rug. Someone higher up in either USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University had to have heard something. Rumors, especially of this nature, get around.

I have three hopes/wishes for this moment in history. The first hope/wish is that Dr. Nassar’s sentencing allows his victims to heal and live as full a life as they can.  The second hope/wish is that this will induce legislation on the local, state and national levels to ensure that monsters like Dr. Nassar are stopped before they can ruin lives and kill the innocence in our children while they are still children. The third and final hope/wish that organizations will learn from the mistake of USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University and enact and/or enforce rules that make it clear that sexual harassment will not tolerated.

Happy Friday.


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