Lean In Book Review

The statistics say it all. More women earn college degrees then men, but men still hold a majority of the decision holding positions in the government and in the business world.

Facebook COO and author Of Lean In: Women Work And The Will To Lead Sheryl Sandberg is one of handful of women who have achieved a high ranking position in a major American company.  In the book, Ms. Sandberg looks at the modern college educated, career oriented woman and how she is not living up to her full potential. Whether it is due to a desire to have a balanced work/home life, an unspoken rule that states that women leaders are not as professionally desirable as a male leader or any other reason that a woman may have.

In a very no nonsense, practical way, Ms. Sandberg offers advice to women who are eager to climb up the professional ladder, but at the same time feel compelled to stay where they are.

Did I like this book? Yes and no. I liked it because it is extremely relevant to the world we are living in.  I did not like it because the advice that Ms. Sandberg provides may not work for everyone.

Do I recommend it? Sort of.

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