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Assigning Blame


Earlier in the week, I posted a throwback Thursday post reviewing Lean On Me. For those who did not read the post or have not seen the movie, it is the story of teacher turned principal Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman). Mr. Clark’s assignment is to turn around an inner city school where the kids are receiving anything but an education. His methods are tough, unorthodox and controversial. But in the end (spoiler alert!) he is able to turn the school around and guide his students to the path that lead them to a hopefully bright future.

The clips above are his motivational speech to his students. What struck me is that it is a universal message.

No one goes through life without heartbreak or troubles. The question is, how do we react to these difficult times?

Do we assign blame and become complacent or do we take a hard look at ourselves and realize that we are in control of our lives, not the distant person or thing that we are blaming?

To be fair, this film does hit the nail on the head when it speaks of the issues that racism cause. There are people who will deny us opportunities because of religion, skin color, family origin, sexual orientation, etc.

But that does not mean that we can use that as an excuse to sit back and do nothing. One of the things I have learned that is life does not give us what we want simply because we ask for it. We have to work for it. If we meet life halfway, hopefully, life will meet us at the 50/50 mark.

Assigning blame does not help. Stepping up and doing what needs to be done is the only way to succeed in life.

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Throwback Thursday- 80’s Classics- Lean On Me (1989) and The Goonies (1985)

There is something about certain film that keep the audience coming back to it, regardless of how much time has lapsed since the film’s original release.

The first movie I am going to write about tonight is Lean On Me (1989).

Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) has just been appointed principal of an inner city school. Remembered as unlikable and OCD in his need to take control when he taught, Joe faces multiple obstacles in turning the school around. Drugs, violence and unrest are an every day part of the student’s lives. Can Joe turn the school around and guide his students to a bright future?

Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs that anyone can take on. It takes dedication, heart and a willingness to see that without education, our children and our future is aimless. Based on a true story, Joe is willing to do whatever it takes to turn the school around, even if his methods are controversial.

The second movie I am going to talk about The Goonies (1985).

Mikey and Brandon Walsh (Sean Astin and Josh Brolin) are brothers who home and neighborhood are about to be demolished and replaced by a golf course. The only way to save their home and their neighborhood is to raise the funds. Then Mikey stumbles onto the treasure map of a fabled local pirate and the adventure begins. Will the kids find the treasure and save their homes or will they only find trouble?

For a certain generation, this movie is a symbol of their youth. It is also a story of growing up, finding your courage and discovering who you really are.

I recommend them both.


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