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Alice At The Morgan

There are some childhood stories that stay with us, no matter how old we get. There are also some stories that we may not totally get until we are way beyond childhood.

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (more commonly known at Alice In Wonderland) was initially published in 1865. 150 years later, Alice In Wonderland is still a beloved children book.

Celebrating the book’s 150th anniversary, The Morgan Library in New York City has recently premiered it’s newest exhibit. The subject is Alice In Wonderland and the book’s author, Lewis Carroll. The exhibit takes the visitor through the writer’s life and how his experiences with the real Alice contributed to the fictional Alice and her experiences in Wonderland.

I found this exhibit to be very interesting. Among beloved childhood stories, Alice In Wonderland stands out. It stands out because there are references that a young child may not completely understand. The exhibit stands out because of not only the imagery, but also the artifacts that seems touchable behind the glass.

I recommend it.

Alice: 150 Years Of Wonderland is presently open at the Morgan Library in New York City and will be open until October 11th. 


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