Thoughts On The 14th Anniversary Of The Lost Premiere

Sometimes, a television show is so popular, that it’s popularity exceeds well beyond the original air date of the program.

Lost is one of those shows.

Airing from 2004-2010, Lost is the story of a diverse group of survivors of a plane crash. The tropical island where the plane crashes is in the middle of nowhere. They are forced to work together to survive until they are rescued. However, the island is not quite what it seems to be and reveals the sometimes painful past of those who were able to walk out of the wreckage alive.

Lost was one of the programs that had the ability to suck its audience in and not let go until the closing credits rolled down the screen.  As the seasons rolled along, for any questions about the narrative or character development that were answered, two or three more were asked. And of course, there is the series finale, which in my book, is one of the finest series finale I will ever see of a television show.

To the millions of fans around the world who still remember this show fondly and to the cast, crew & creative team, may we all raise our proverbial glasses to one of the finest shows that has ever aired on television.


Television Anniversary

Today marks two different, but equal birthdays in television.

20 years ago tonight, a sitcom on NBC about six twenty somethings aired it’s pilot. It was called Friends. The biggest star of the show was Courtney Cox, known for the being the girl who danced with Bruce Springsteen in his 1984 music video, Dancing In The Dark.

The other anniversary is Lost. 10 years ago tonight, an action drama made it’s debut. A plane crashed on a mysterious, unknown island somewhere in the South Pacific. Among the survivors was a doctor, a paraplegic, a pair of spoiled step siblings, a former Iraqi soldier and a convict. It was must see TV for years, despite the complicated plot twists and layers of questions.

Friends is 20 and Lost is 10. I feel old.


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