Flashback Friday: Love It or List It, Two (2013-2019)

Home ownership, as great as it is, has its own unique set of challenges.

Love It or List It, Two (otherwise known as Love It or List It Vancouver) aired from 2013-2019. An offshoot from Love It or List It, the premise of the show has not changed. A couple of homeowners are fed up with their current home. One wants to move, the other argues they only need to do a renovation. Interior designer and former Bachelor contestant Jillian Harris will remodel the home. Real estate agent Todd Talbot‘s job is to show them possible new home. At the end of the episode, they will decide either to stay in their current home or move.

The thing about Love It or List It is that after watching a few episodes, it become background noise. The spinoff is fine, but at some point, it is likely that I will change the channel.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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