Republican Fuckery Part IX: MTG Complains About Her Salary, the Balloon, and TX Banning the Abortion Pill

In both life and politics, there is no rule that we have to get along and agree on everything all of the time. However, there are certain times when compromise and understanding where the other person is coming from is paramount.

Recently Marjorie Taylor Greene complained about her salary. This woman makes a healthy 6 figure income. There are millions of Americans (myself included) whose paychecks don’t even come close to hers. If she is so unhappy, she should resign and let someone take the job who is in for the right reasons.

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Speaking of MTG, she accused Mitch McConnell of being a Democrat. In her world, the “d” word is an insult. By directing it at McConnell, she is basically saying that he is not MAGA enough for her.

Over the last couple of weeks, several balloons of unknown origin have been sighed across the US. According to new reports, all signs point to China. The right has accused the President of letting the first one float across the country before shooting it down when it was over the Atlantic ocean.

I would love to know where else it might have been shot down without potentially damaging property or killing someone? Even in the most rural of areas, there was still the chance that an innocent life could have been taken.

And finally, in Texas (because they have nothing better to do?) a District Judge possibly has the power to enshrine a national ban on the abortion pill. It’s one thing to try to push this archaic law on the residents of his own state. It is beyond reprehensible that he can do the same for the rest of the country.

What I don’t get is that these people would do anything to prevent abortion. But, when it comes to providing adequate parental leave that prevents the new parents from going into debt, they are silent.

I hate to say it, but I miss the days when Republicans were reasonable and at least pretended to work with their colleagues on the left. Those days are sadly, in the rearview mirror.


Thoughts On President Biden’s Speech

There is a reason why the Presidential pulpit is called the bully pulpit. It gives whoever is in the position a unique spotlight and opportunity to speak to the nation as they wish to.

On Thursday, President Biden gave a speech, calling out the right-wing Republicans and the MAGA believers. While praising Republicans who are willing to work with their Democrat colleagues, he was not afraid to speak directly to those who are ready and willing to destroy this country based on lies.

Some said that he went too far. I disagree. Without pushing the envelope over the edge, he told the country the truth about our potential future. Unless we do everything in our power to secure our democracy, the prospects for our nation to continue on the path set by the founders look pretty bleak.

Among the many issues that have been created and/or magnified is the claim of election fraud. It started, as we all know back in 2020 and continues to this day. What makes it worse is that it has trickled down the political pipeline. Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake made the following statement about the results of her primary election and the possible outcome of the general election:

“If we don’t win, there’s some cheating going on. And we already know that.”

This is the game they are playing. If they win, everything is fine. If they lose, it was not because the majority of voters went for the other candidate. This is not the reaction of a mature adult who understands that you cannot get what you want whenever you want it. This is a tantrum taken by a spoiled child who cannot bear to be told no.

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We have two choices come November. We can either protect our future and our children’s future by keeping the American democracy alive. Or, we can give in to big babies, fascists, and wannabe autocrats. The choice is ours, I only hope we can make the right one.

Aiden McCarthy Should Not be an Orphan

The thing about death is that we all understand the concept in theory. At some point, our bodies will stop working and our souls will go wherever they go. When we lose someone we love as adults, death is hard to compute. I cannot even fathom how a child would absorb that idea, especially when they are still learning the basics of life.

Two of the victims of the massacre in Highland Park on Monday were a married couple, Kevin and Irina McCarthy. They are survived by their toddler son, Aiden. Kevin died protecting his son.

I am both heartbroken and furious at the same time. Because we have people who are more concerned with their guns and protecting the NRA/the gun lobby, a little boy has lost his parents. Though I am sure that his grandparents will give him everything they can, nothing can make up for the loss of his mother and father.

The young man (who shall not be named in this post) who has been accused of the shooting had no reason to gain access to any firearm, much less a high-powered one. According to the news outlets, he did not wake up on Monday and thought that it was a good day to kill innocent strangers. This plan was several weeks in the making. He also passed several background checks and red flags laws (which would have saved lives, had someone done their homework) and was proudly part of the MAGA movement.

We have too many reasons to pass gun control laws. I’d like to add one more reason to the list: Aiden McCarthy is the last child who loses a parent due because someone with a gun decided that they have the right to play G-d.

May their memories be a blessing. Z”L.

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