Throwback Thursday- Man On The Moon (1999)

Hollywood is full of personalities. But there are only a few who are brave enough to take a character and let him or her take over their identity.

Legendary and quirky comedian Andy Kaufman passed away in 1984, but his talent, his imagination and his commitment to his work lives on.

In 1999, the movie Man On The Moon dramatized the life and career of the legendary comedian. Starring Jim Carrey in the lead role, the film follows Andy as he attempts to build a career in Hollywood while trying out his own unique brand of comedy.

In a surprising twist, Jim Carrey is quite good as Andy Kaufman.  While Carrey is known for his comedy films, most of his attempts to break into serious drama have not ended well. But Jim Carrey is known for his oddball comedy and his ability to completely disappear into a character, so the casting made sense.

Do I recommend it? I would say yes. And if your curious to compare on the screen Andy Kaufman to the real Andy Kaufman, the videos are below.

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