Marine Park Stories Book Review

Write what you know is one of the more common pieces of advice that writers will often hear.

Marine Park is one of the southern most neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Located a distance away from the train, the neighborhood is best accessible by car or bus. It is almost a small town unto itself, separated from the rest of the borough.

Mark Chiusano’s 2104 book, Marine Park Stories, is a collection of short stories based on the life of the author. The stories revolve around growing up, family and the colorful characters that the author encountered during his childhood.

I grew up not too far from Marine Park. The places and characters are familiar ones, to me at least. But that does not mean that a reader who is unfamiliar with Brooklyn or Marine Park would not be able to appreciate the stories. The best and most beloved stories are universal, regardless of the time they take place in or the specific location that the author places the story.

I recommend it.

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