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A Mob Mentality Helps No One

It seems to me that American politics these days has taken on a mob mentality. We are so busy yelling at and over each other that no one is really listening to the other side of the conversation.

In response to the treatment of Central American migrants and asylum seekers at our Southern border, Representative Maxine Waters has encouraged to publicly confront members of the Trump administration en masse about the “zero tolerance” policy.

While public protest is a guaranteed right of every American, the mob mentality helps no on, especially in this political climate.

While I agree that we need to confront you know who about what he is doing to this country, this is not the way go about it. We need our elected officials to do what is right for the country as a pose for what is right for their party or their political careers. We also need to vote and make sure that those in our government are reminded who is in charge of this country.

I hate to say it, but I almost agree with the right on this topic.

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