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Mean Girls Day

Today, October 3rd, is officially known as Mean Girls Day.

Every generation has its own iconic teen film. For teenagers in the early 2000’s, that film was Mean Girls (2004).

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) is the new girl in school. The popular girls, known as The Plastics, led by Regina George (Rachel McAdams), take a liking to Cady and invite her to join their group.  Then things get dicey when Cady develops a crush on Regina’s ex, Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett).

With a screen play co written by Tina Fey, this film stands out from other teen films. It has a sarcasm, a bite and a dash of reality that many films of the genre don’t have.

Happy Mean Girls Day!


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Throwback Thursday-Mean Girls

Most of the iconic high school/teen movies are from the 1980’s or 1990’s.  Mean Girls, premiering in 2004, is one of the few movies of recent memory that I think deserves to be included on the list of iconic teen movies.

Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) has been home schooled for most of her life. Now she is going to public school for the first time.  She settles in socially initially with Janis (Lizzy Caplan) and Damian (Daniel Franseze). Then the Plastics, the most popular girls in school come calling. Regina George (Rachel McAdams) is the leader of the trio with Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert) and Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) following right behind her. Trouble starts when Cady falls for Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett), Regina’s ex boyfriend.

Lindsay Lohan is brilliant in this movie. It should have been the start of a long and beautiful career. Instead it is one of her best movies, which is now ten years old. Rachel McAdams was perfectly cast as Regina, queen bee in the social hierarchy that is high school. Despite the fact that it is a movie, it is so true to the high school experience. Adding to the greatness of this movie are the SNL alumni playing some of the adult characters.

I recommend this movie.

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