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Unflinching, Unedited and Heart Breaking

Tonight, PBS aired Memory Of The Camps.

This documentary is the unedited and unflinching newsreels recorded by the Allies as they liberated Europe from Nazi control and were confronted by the horrors of the Holocaust.

Even for someone who is well versed in the Holocaust, I found myself torn. I needed to watch, but I had to look away at moments.

Man’s inhumanity to their fellow man was obvious to all.

This program is not for the faint of heart and not for young eyes. But it is very necessary to watch. If we are to say never again and back those words up with actions, we must remember those who were were murdered. One of the quotes that has come up very recently with this year’s Holocaust Remembrance Day (which is tomorrow) is that is if we do not back up our words with actions, it is as if the victims were killed twice.

My heart is breaking tonight and it will break tomorrow. When I wake up, I will say never again and I will continue to say never again (and back up those words with action), until we do not have to say never again anymore.


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