Dear Mr Bratton: An Open Letter to William Bratton, NYPD Chief

Dear Mr. Bratton

I understand that you are presently caught between a rock and a hard place.

Your boss is Mayor de Blasio. Your staff consists of the men and women of the New York Police Department.

Two weeks ago, Officers Wenjian Liu  and Rafael Ramos were killed execution style. Their only crime was being in the police department and doing their jobs.

You have asked your staff to respect the mayor.

Let me tell you a story.

I worked for a private company for a number of years. As the years progressed, it became clear that the owners lost sight of the real reason for starting the company and began to only see dollar signs. I lost respect for them and because of that, I began to look elsewhere for employment.

You have good men and women working under you. They only want to do their jobs and serve the citizens of this great city of ours. But when it becomes clear that upper management has lost the respect of their staff, that is a problem. In your case sir, when the mayor’s office and the NYPD leadership allows public opinion to sway them away from supporting the men and women who keep New York City safe, that is a problem.

I recognize that middle management, especially in your case, is not easy. You have a boss over your head who needs certain things, but you also have staff under you who need your support.

I recommend that you find a middle ground, because if you do not, like your boss, you may be out of a job come the next mayoral election.


A citizen of New York City


Emma Watson gave an impassioned speech¬†about Women’s Rights at the UN very recently. She spoke of an organization called HeForShe. HeForShe is not the typical feminist organization. It calls on men and women to take up the cause of feminism together.

Now that I am thinking about it, this is the absolutely correct next step in the feminist movement. We have achieved so much in only a few generations. However, we are not yet completely equal.

As Ms. Watson pointed out, a woman, even if she has the same or better education or professional background than her male colleague, she is still going to be paid less. In certain countries girls are still married off to men much older than them before they hit puberty. Women are still being judged by their outer appearance and sexualized far too early in life.

We need men to fight along with us. We need their support and their voices.

It’s not just a woman’s cause anymore, it’s a cause that belongs to men and women.

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