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RIP Dr. Lorna Breen

When we talk about health, we often talk about physical health. Mental health is likely to be ignored.

As Covid-19 continues its stranglehold on our world, we look to the doctors and nurses for support and help. But who helps them?

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month. In normal times, we would be talking about removing the stigma from mental health and allowing those who suffer to open up. But we, as we all know, are not living in normal times.

Last week, Dr. Lorna Breen, committed suicide after working for weeks on end to save the lives of as many Covid-19 patients as possible.

If nothing else, I think that loss of Dr. Breen’s life and every other medical professional reminds us that our health is more than our body. It is our mind as well.

Sometimes, the only way to change is to face a dramatic loss or upset. Perhaps when this is all said and done, we will finally recognize the important of mental health and treating it with the same respect as physical health.

May the memory of Dr. Breen and everyone who has died because of this virus forever be a blessing. Z”l.

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Thoughts On The Beginning Of Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

As many of my readers know, depression is my constant companion and has been so for quite a few years.

Depression or any mental illness is not just an excuse for acting up or staying in bed all day and mindlessly staring at the television. It is very real and affects millions of people around the world.

It also takes lives in the form of suicide.

If nothing else, this month encourages those who suffer to get help. It is possible to live a full life with mental illness, but we must seek out help.

Please, if you suffer like I do and you are not working with a mental health professional, I highly recommend that you do so. The life you may end up saving is yours.

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