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Michael Brown

On August 9th, 2014, 18 year Michael Brown, an African-American teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer.

On Monday, the grand jury did not indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting. The result was the looting and burning of business district in Ferguson, Missouri.

This is a tragedy, no matter how the story is told. There is no getting around that an 18 year old boy is dead.

Just after the verdict was released to the public, the victim’s family called for peaceful protest.  Their request fell on deaf ears.

I am not in the shoes of the Mr. Brown’s family and Office Wilson. This is strictly my opinion.

While the reaction from the protestors is a natural one,  I personally do not see how looting and burning helps this community and nation to move forward.

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. proved that change can happen without resorting to violence.  We can use laws and education to improve this country for the better.

My heart goes out to Mr. Brown’s family and the business owners (and by extension, their employees) whose livelihoods were destroyed. Instead one tragedy, we have two.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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