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Flashback Friday-Evan Almighty (2007)

Many go into politics for altruistic reasons. Whether or not their reasons change over time is to be seen.

In the 2007 film Evan Almighty (a sequel to the 2003 film Bruce Almighty), Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) has changed careers. After spending years reporting the news, he becomes the news when he is elected to Congress. Sensing that Evan is a virgin politician, Congressman Long (John Goodman) is trying to pressure Evan to co-sponsor a bill that will allow developers to re-create the National Parks in their own image. Then G-d (Morgan Freeman, reprising his role from Bruce Almighty) tells Evan to build an ark. Evan is not exactly a believer in the instructions he has received. Torn between co-sponsoring the bill and the more than obvious signs from G-d, Evan has to make a decision. Should he save the world or co-sponsor the bill?

As sequels go, the film is not that bad. I also certainly appreciate the message about taking care of the environment. This film is the type of film that you might see in theaters or find it while flipping through the channels on a rainy weekend afternoon. But it is the best sequel ever? Not really.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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Add Another One To The List XI: Morgan Freeman

Sometimes it takes public shaming for things to finally change. The list of powerful or famous men accused of unwanted sexual assault has grown again. Morgan Freeman is the newest name on this dishonorable list.

Sixteen people have accused him of either sexual assault or inappropriate behavior. Four of those who have made such accusations are journalists whom Mr. Freeman has been interviewed by during press junkets. They have accused him of making inappropriate remarks during their interviews. Chloe Melas, who is the co-author of the CNN article linked to above, stated that Mr. Freeman acted inappropriately towards her while promoting his 2017 film, Going in Style.

Based on the evidence presented, I don’t think that Mr. Freeman went as far as Harvey Weinstein did, however, that does not exonerate him. Mr. Freeman’s actions and words are a symptom of a much larger cultural perspective that still views women as sexual objects, regardless of whether actions follow the words spoken.

As much as I respect Mr. Freeman for his career, sometimes we must make public examples of bad behavior to make it clear that such words or actions are unacceptable.  Unfortunately, the public example that must be made in this case is Morgan Freeman, whose lapse in judgement reminds us all that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and those who still act in such a manner will be punished appropriately.

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Assigning Blame


Earlier in the week, I posted a throwback Thursday post reviewing Lean On Me. For those who did not read the post or have not seen the movie, it is the story of teacher turned principal Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman). Mr. Clark’s assignment is to turn around an inner city school where the kids are receiving anything but an education. His methods are tough, unorthodox and controversial. But in the end (spoiler alert!) he is able to turn the school around and guide his students to the path that lead them to a hopefully bright future.

The clips above are his motivational speech to his students. What struck me is that it is a universal message.

No one goes through life without heartbreak or troubles. The question is, how do we react to these difficult times?

Do we assign blame and become complacent or do we take a hard look at ourselves and realize that we are in control of our lives, not the distant person or thing that we are blaming?

To be fair, this film does hit the nail on the head when it speaks of the issues that racism cause. There are people who will deny us opportunities because of religion, skin color, family origin, sexual orientation, etc.

But that does not mean that we can use that as an excuse to sit back and do nothing. One of the things I have learned that is life does not give us what we want simply because we ask for it. We have to work for it. If we meet life halfway, hopefully, life will meet us at the 50/50 mark.

Assigning blame does not help. Stepping up and doing what needs to be done is the only way to succeed in life.

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