Bad Men-Warning Spoilers and Mature Content

*-These characters belong to Disney and the creators of Once Upon A Time.

*- The unfortunate man who was beat up by Mr. Gold was not given a name, for the sake of this fiction, his name is Eddie.

*Post Episode 2×19 “Lacey”. If you have not see this episode, read at your own risk – SPOILER ALERT

*-Rated M for mature content

Bad Men
Lacey watched Mr. Gold magically destroyed Eddie’s tongue before beating him to a bloody pulp.

This was not the gallant and proper gentleman who taken her to lunch the day before. He was powerful and emotional, a man who knew his place in Storybrooke. He was exactly what she needed.

“So it is true, you are as bad as they say”. Lacey stepped over the unconscious man, her eyes never leaving Mr. Gold’s.

This was not Belle. This woman was hungry for something else; she had a sauciness that Belle never had. Perhaps this new woman, this Lacey might not be so bad.

“I like bad men, Mr. Gold and you are the baddest of them all” She kissed him hungrily, wanting to taste the possibilities of this man.

By the time they reached Mr. Gold’s house, Lacey knew that she wanted this man.

“What did you have in mind?” Mr. Gold asked, knowing full well what they both wanted.

“You know what I want Mr. Gold” Lacey pulled down the pins that kept her hair in place and began to undo the top buttons of her blouse.

He returned her kiss as she pushed the jacket off him.

By the time they reached his bedroom and the bed he had once shared with Belle; her legs were wrapped around his waist. Both of their shirts had disappeared and her bra was a moment away from disappearing.

“Last chance to stop, dearie” Mr. Gold warned as they fell onto the bed.

“I don’t recall asking you to stop”.

As he thrust into her, he growled, “you are mine “.

“Did I say I going anywhere?” Lacey asked before kissing him again.

Belle was gone; in her place was a woman who matched his need for power.

Regina thought that replacing Belle with Lacey would destroy him; instead he had a partner who shared his vision for the future. Regina would still pay for what she did, but now, there was two to face instead of one.

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