George and Lizzie Book Review

The boy meets girl narrative is as old as the beginning of storytelling. The question is, how do individual writers put a new twist on an old story?

Last year, Nancy Pearl published her debut novel, George and Lizzie.

George and Lizzie grew up in different households with two sets of parents who had different ideas of what parenting should be. George came from a loving and supportive household, raised by a dentist father and a stay at home mother. While Lizzie’s famous psychologist parents provided for her materially, there was an obvious lack of parental love. She was more akin to a ready-made psychology experiment than a daughter to her parents.

While their marriage is certainly a happy one, Lizzie is still feeling unfulfilled. Then a secret from her past comes back to haunt her. Will Lizzie choose the past or her future with George?

The book is interesting. While the author starts with the standard boy meets girl meet cute, the narrative becomes non linear.  While I appreciated the non-linear narrative and the effort it took to create, I found the style of the narrative to be a little hard to read.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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