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Today Is 9/12

Today is 9/12. In New York City, it was foggy, wet and a perfect Netflix and chill day, if it was a weekend.

Yesterday was 9/11. For a short time, many of us stopped and remembered the nearly 3000 innocent souls whose lives were taken so unnecessarily.

As I walked around lower Manhattan this morning, I kept thinking that it felt like an ordinary day. People were going to work, to school and just going about their daily business.

And yet it wasn’t. 9/11 still surrounds the area. It’s akin to a somber blanket that both comforting and mournful at the same time.

The city, like her residents are not known for staying down for long. No matter what happens, we find a way to slog through, no matter how difficult it is.

9/12 is a reminder of that. Today is 9/12.


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Common Sense

Common sense is defined as the following: good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

Unfortunately, some are so blind, they cannot see when common sense is smacking them in the face.

Let’s start with a story that makes me sick to my stomach. In Paraguay, a ten year old girl was raped by her stepfather. As a result of the rape, she became pregnant.  The government has a strict anti-abortion rule, except when the life of the mother is in danger. Any attempts by the girl’s family or supporters to convince the government to allow this child, for that is what she is to have an abortion fell on deaf ears. Now she is new mother at 11 years old.

Maybe it’s me, but common sense dictates that an abortion would have been the right thing to do, as well being common sense. She is a child, not an adult. She is not in a position to care for the child, nor was she in a steady relationship where the sexual act was for mutual pleasure. She was raped by an adult who she trusted. Now she is the mother of this man’s child. At 11 years old.

Is that common sense?

Netflix, the company that we rely on to binge watch our favorite movies and television shows when we don’t want to go out, is in a bit of a quandary.

They have offered paid sick leave to their staff. But there is a catch. They must be full time and they can only work in certain divisions. If your an employee of Netflix and you need to take time off (and your not in the division who has been provided this benefit), well then, let’s hope you have enough vacation days or PTO saved for that time.

Paid sick leave makes sense for several reasons:

  • It encourages hardworking employees to continue to do their best because they know that their employer appreciates their time and effort. This also helps to decrease employee turnover and the time, energy and cost of re-hiring and re-training.
  • It doesn’t force someone to choose between the sick relation or their job. Your damned if you do, damned if you don’t, no matter which one you choose.
  •  It allows new parents to build a relationship with their children and ensure that they provide for their child emotionally and financially.

Common sense dictates, at least in my mind that paid sick leave should be part of every company’s benefit package. But then again, not everyone uses common sense.

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