Flashback Friday-2gether (2000-2001)

Back in the early 2000’s, it was hard to not ignore the boy band craze. These bands (regardless of your opinion of their work) were everywhere.

In 2000, MTV premiered 2gether, a satire of the boy bands who ruled the airwaves.

The members of the band were as follows-

  • Jerry O’Keefe (Evan Farmer)- “The Heartthrob”
  • Chad Linus (Noah Bastian)- “The Shy One”
  • Doug Linus (Kevin P Farley)- “The Older Brother”
  • Mickey Parke (Alex Solowitz)- “The Bad Boy”
  • Jason Q.T. McKnight (Michael Cuccione)- “The Cute One”

It takes balls for a network to spoof it’s own cash cow. At the time, it was funny, but I look at the program now and I would think twice about watching.

Do I recommend it? Probably, but only if I feel nostalgic.

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